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Animalworks is owned and run by me, Dr. Julie Grimes, a Behavior Management Consultant for both companion and exotic animals for over ten years.  My clients have  included major zoological parks, smaller zoos, police canine units, livestock farmers and companion animal owners.   Do you have training or behavior management needs for companion or exotic animals? I can help you find humane, effective and fun ways to solve them through positive reinforcement.  My methods are gentle and effective with all kinds of species - dogs, cats, great apes, giraffe, horses, cattle, llamas, raptors, goats, pinnipeds, grizzly bears, black bears, baboons, antelope, lemurs, and many more.


I am happy to work with owners and animal keepers to find solutions to behavior problems that work for both the animals and the humans involved.  No species is too big, no behavior problem is too small.  Contact me today and ask about our convenient online consultation services or on-site consultation services.  I can also help your institution establish a Behavior Management Program, providing classes in the principles of operant conditioning and their application in a zoo setting. I have payment packages available to suit institutions with large staff, individual owners, and everyone in between.


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